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HDP 5600 (600 DPI)

Part ID: 5000Bundled

Bundled with 1 Unit HDP5600 (600DPI) Dual Sided Flipper module [P/N: 89001], 1 Roll YMCK Color Ribbon 500 Print [P/N: 84511], 1 Roll HDP Film [P/N: 84500], 1 Box HDP5000/5600 Cleaning Kit [P/N: 89200], 1 Box HID FARGO Ultracard PVC Card [P/N: 81754] & 1 Unit Asure ID SOLO Version 7.x

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Bundled with
1 Unit HDP5600 (600DPI) Dual Sided Flipper module [P/N: 89001]
1 Roll YMCK Color Ribbon 500 Print [P/N: 84511]
1 Roll HDP Film [P/N: 84500]
1 Box HDP5000/5600 Cleaning Kit [P/N: 89200]
1 Box HID FARGO Ultracard PVC Card [P/N: 81754}
1 Unit Asure ID SOLO Version 7.x

The HDP 5600 produces ID cards with the highest image and text quality available, making it a smart choice for retail stores, recreation facilities, and any organization whose brand image is paramount.

600 DPI resin printing capabilities of the HDP 5600 give you the ablity to precisely print small text and crisply defined barcodes like never before.

The HDP 5600 also includes a built-in Workbench diagnostic utility and Color Assist tool to help your organization better match sport colors on company logos and service marks.

It's also right for organizations that demand more funtionality from their ID Cards. Government agencies, healthcare facilities, businesses and corporations, loyalty and membership programs, and college and universities are all expanding their use of multi-function smart cards.

HDP 5600 to produce highly secure contact and contactless smart cards that address your specific needs. And print quality is never sacrificed because these precise images and text are printed onto high-defination film, instead of the direcly to the card, the often uneven surface of the technology card won't compromise image quality.

The printer Wi-Fi capabilities also allow you to produce high definition IDs anytime, anywhere. 

  • Side Printing: Single or Dual
  • Print Method: HDP® Dye-Sublimation / Resin Thermal Transfer
  • Resolution: 600 dpi or 300 dpi
  • Sided Printing: Single or Dual
  • Print Speed: up to 24 seconds per card / 150 cards per hour (YMC with transfer)
  • Memory: 64MB RAM
  • Accepted Card Sizes: CR-80
  • Warranty: 3 years (printer); Lifetime (printhead)

Printer Options:

  • New: Optional 600 dpi
  • Dual Card Input Hopper - field upgradable
  • Card Lamination Module - single-sided or dual-sided (simultaneous) - field upgradable
  • Smart card encoding (contact/contactless) -field upgradable
  • Door and cartridge locks
  • Printer cleaning kit
  • Magnetic stripe encoding - field upgradable
  • 200-card input hopper - field upgradable
  • Dual-sided printing - field upgradable
  • Single Wire Ethernet and USB 2.0 interface for in-line printing and encoding (note: single wire Ethernet encoding is only available for iCLASS® and contact smart card encoding)
  • Wi-Fi® module - field upgradable

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