Welcome to IDTS! Securing Identities & More.

IDTS brings to you the world’s foremost Fargo printer/encoders with HID Asure ID® software for secure, durable, on-the-spot issuance of customer cards. We provide a strong specialist arm by offering all-inclusive, complete one-stop solutions to complement your organization’s needs and requirements – this simply means that any ancillary software, accessories, materials and integrators required to get the job done, are also at hand. As the region’s premier distributor and complete customer card solutions provider, we have had the privilege to serve many new, SME and established organizations. We have witnessed the immense benefits that the government, financial, and educational, just to mention a few sectors, are reaping.  

IDTS seeks to deliver to you an enhanced productivity and higher technology levels – cost effectively and efficiently. We also seek to make your customers happy by providing you the means to make your ID cards reflect them as smart, dependable and absolutely authentic.

Elevate your corporate identity. Contact us today – a wise choice indeed.